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What Goes Where: Your Guide To Scrapping Steel In Calgary

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Do you have some extra steel lying around from a construction, renovation, or demolition project on your home that you aren’t sure what to do with? At Federal Metals Inc., dealing with scrap steel and other types of scrap metal recycling in Calgary is our specialty. We’ve put together this helpful guide for the different options you have when it comes to scrapping steel in Calgary.

Bringing Your Scrap Steel to the Landfill

The City of Calgary accepts residential scrap metal and usable metal items for recycling at City landfills. This includes scrap constructions steel and items such as generators, garburators, furnaces, car parts, air compressors, siding, snowblowers, and hot water tanks.

There are three sanitary landfill sites that will accept your household steel recycling in Calgary:

– Spyhill Landfill: 11808 – 69 Street NW

– East Calgary Landfill: 3801 – 68 Street SE

– Shepard Landfill: 12111 – 68 Street SE

Please note that the Shepard Landfill only accepts residential waste from April 3rd to October 26th.

It is also important to be aware of landfill rates and to note that there is a minimum $20 fee per load for bringing your scrap steel to a Calgary landfill site. The fee will likely be higher depending on how much you bring. The City sets a fee of $113/tonne for residential scrap metal and copper recycling in Calgary.

Selling Your Steel to Scrap Metal Recyclers in Calgary

If visiting a City of Calgary landfill site doesn’t work with your plans or your budget, you also have the option of selling your scrap steel to a private scrap metal recycling facility in Calgary such as Federal Metals Inc. Rather than paying to have your steel recycled, you can sell your haul for a nice sum.

Federal Metals Inc. is proud to be listed on the Recycling Council of Alberta’s recycling hotline. Sponsored by the Province of Alberta, the Recycling Council of Alberta is an organization focused on waste reduction and resource conservation in the province. You’ll be helping out on both fronts if you recycle your scrap steel responsibly by bringing it to scrap metal recyclers and suppliers in Calgary.

At Federal Metals Inc., we offer fair scrap metal prices in Calgary for a variety of different metals. We buy ferrous metals such as steel, structural steel, iron, and cast iron. We also buy most types of non-ferrous metals, including copper, aluminum, brass, and stainless steel. If you have more than just steel to scrap, you can feel free to bring it to our facility as well. For an in-depth look at what you can bring to Federal Metals Inc. for recycling, we recommend reading our guide to what we buy and sell.

A key player in the Calgary scrap metal recycling industry for more than 60 years, Federal Metals Inc. is well equipped to take your steel and scrap metal recycling off your hands. For more information on our services and scrap metal prices in Calgary, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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