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How To Have A Scrap Metal Fundraiser – Alberta Style

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Holding a scrap metal fundraiser is a low-cost way for sports organizations, youth organizations, schools, and non-profits to raise some extra funds. There are minimal out-of-pocket costs and scrap metal is readily available in a city such as Calgary, where there is always so much construction going on. Once the metal is collected, you’ll simply have to bring it to a Calgary scrap metal recycling facility such as Federal Metals Inc.

Here is a step-by-step guide for raising some money by collecting scrap metal in Calgary.

Step #1 – Contact Calgary scrap metal recyclers

First thing’s first, you’ll need to get in contact with trusted Calgary scrap metal recyclers and suppliers to find out what types of metal they buy. A facility that accepts a broad range of both ferrous and non-ferrous metals is a good choice, as it will allow you to accept a broad range of scrap metal items at your fundraiser.

Step #2 – Select a scrap metal drop-off location

Next, you need to pick a location where people can come to drop off their scrap metal on donation day. If your organization doesn’t have a usable property, then consider asking a local business if you can use their parking lot. They may welcome the extra potential customers that your fundraiser brings by, or they may let you hold your fundraiser on a day that the business is closed.

Step #3 – Spread the word

Once you’ve got a location picked out, you can create fliers to hang up and hand out around the community. Make sure that the flier includes the date, time, location, and what types of metals you will be collecting. Consider contacting the local media as well. Even a small news story in the local paper or on TV can bring in a lot of extra donations.

Step #4 – Prepare your drop-off location

It’s a good idea to use traffic cones and ample signage at your chosen drop-off location to make sure that people who are coming to drop off their scrap metal know exactly where to go. This will also help route cars safely through the area.

Step #5 – Outfit your volunteers

It’s also important to properly outfit the volunteers who will be handling the scrap metal that comes in on the day of your fundraiser. They should be instructed to wear full-length pants, full-length sleeves, and protective, closed-toe shoes. You should also provide your volunteers with proper scrap metal handling safety gear, including thick, protective gloves and safety goggles.

Get Your Fundraiser Started by Contacting Federal Metals Today

If a scrap metal fundraiser sounds like a good idea for your organization, then the Calgary metal recyclers at Federal Metals Inc. can help you get started. We will let you know what kinds of scrap metal we buy, when you can drop it off, and what scrap metal prices in Calgary you can expect for your haul. We’ll be happy to help you out in any way that we can, so don’t hesitate to contact Federal Metals Inc. today.

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