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Is Metal Infinitely Recyclable?

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Virtually all metals are infinitely recyclable, the process of recycling metal to produce a new item has significantly less impact on the environment than producing new metal which requires energy for mining and raw materials to create.

But, you’re probably wondering…doesn’t there come a time when we can no longer keep recycling one piece of metal? Not exactly, most metals can be broken down, melted, re-purposed and retain their quality and durability.

Not only do most metals maintain their quality through the recycling process, but doing so can save tons of energy and money. For example, recycled aluminum cans take 95% less energy to produce than new aluminum cans. Scrap metal recycling works by separating different types of metal and then melting them together, removing any impurities and then creating a new metal product. Almost all metals can be infinitely recycled and used again and again with no deterioration to the quality.

Iron, steel, copper and aluminum are among the most versatile types of metal. Most new appliances, cars and even buildings are made with recycled metals, most commonly steel. It’s also estimated that 75% of all aluminum produced since 1880 is still in use today, that’s a lot of energy saved! Not only is recycling steel and aluminum eco-friendly but doing so also diverges these metals from ending up in a landfill where they take up space and don’t degrade. Bringing your ferrous and non-ferrous metals to a scrap recycler like Federal Metals helps save the environment by using less energy to re-purpose metals and also puts cash back in your pocket!

Copper is another popular metal that can be recycled, humans have been using copper longer than any other metal due to its ability to conduct electricity. Recycling copper uses only 10% of the energy required to mine and process new copper. It also reduces harmful gases from being emitted into the air.

There are immense benefits to recycling your scrap metal with a recycler like Federal Metal Inc. If you have scrap metal you’d like to recycle for cash contact our team today! We are open Monday to Friday and located at 5135 94 ave SE, Calgary, AB.

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