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Where to Find Copper for Scrap Copper Recycling

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Copper is one of the most valuable metals on earth, which also makes it one of the most valuable metals for scrap metal recycling in Calgary. It is estimated that a baby born today will use somewhere in the ballpark of 2,000 pounds of copper over their lifetime, meaning that manufacturers are always looking for quality sources of copper. The metal recyclers at Calgary’s Federal Metals Inc. take scrap copper and recycle it so that it can be used again.

The process of copper recycling in Calgary does not deteriorate the quality of the copper. Copper products made out of recycled materials have all of the same malleable, conductive, and corrosion-resistant properties as copper smelted from ore. Thanks to metal suppliers in Calgary, fewer mining operations are needed to provide the world with the copper it needs.

If you’re looking to get good scrap metal prices in Calgary, then recycling copper is the way to go. But just where exactly can you hunt down enough copper to make copper recycling in Calgary worth your while? Well, thankfully, there are many places where you can find copper, chief among them being:

– Inside old electronics

Copper is used extensively for the electrical wiring inside of all different types of electronic devices, including computers, laptops, televisions, cameras, DVD players, VCRs, and cell phones. Cleaning and stripping copper wire will get you high scrap metal prices in Calgary. You’ll also want to look on the back of old tube TVs for copper yokes, which contain copper wire that will sell as #2 copper wire.

– Inside old home appliances

Copper wire, copper coils, and copper transformers can be found in abundance in typical home appliances. Look for sealed units that contain copper winding inside of appliances such as washers, dryers, and air conditioning units, and for electric motors that contain copper coils inside of any appliances that run on power.

– At construction sites

Copper is also used extensively in the wiring and plumbing of modern homes and buildings. As your recycling operation grows, you can introduce yourself to builders and foremen and ask for permission to help clean up their worksites by hauling scrap away. You can also offer your services to any neighbours undergoing a home renovation.

– Inside old vehicles

Nowhere else will you be able to find more scrap copper in one place than inside of an old car. Depending on the vehicle, it might contain anywhere from 15 kg to over 40 kg of copper. Copper is used all throughout a car’s wiring, as well as in a car’s battery, brakes, connectors, bearings, and radiator.

Federal Metals Inc.: Your Calgary Copper Recycling Facility

The metal recyclers and metal suppliers at Calgary’s Federal Metals Inc. have been providing metal and copper recycling services for over 65 years. On top of copper, we also buy a variety of other types of scrap metal in Calgary at our family-owned and operated facility. If you have any more questions about scrap metal recycling in Calgary or about where to find scrap copper, just get in touch with Federal Metals Inc. today.

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