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The Uses of Scrap Metal for Civil Engineering

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Just about all engineering projects make use of metal in one form or another. This is especially true in the field of civil engineering, which deals with the design and construction of structures such as buildings, bridges, roads, damns, and canals. Civil engineers work in both the public sector on government projects and in the private sector. At Federal Metals Inc., a Calgary copper and metal recycling facility, we process and package recycled scrap metal so that it can be turned it into a variety of metal products which can be used for civil engineering projects.

Common Metals Used in Civil Engineering

The most commonly used metal in civil engineering projects is steel. An alloy of iron and carbon, steel is used for its high tensile strength for a variety of construction purposes. Materials such as connecting rods, rails, sheets, wires, and pipes are all frequently made out of steel. Structural frames made out of steel are not only strong and lightweight but they are highly flexible as well. Structural steel frames provide civil engineers with plenty of design flexibility. They also make it easy to expand on the height or width of a building in the future.

After steel, aluminum is the second most commonly used metal in civil engineering projects. Aluminum is beneficial for its high strength-to-weight ratio, which allows buildings to be constructed faster and with less stress to a building’s foundation. Aluminum is commonly used in the construction of roofing, siding, window frames, stair cases, and HVAC systems. The use of aluminum in the field of civil engineering is almost certainly going to increase in the future.

Using Recycled Metal for Civil Engineering Applications

The metal products used in civil engineering projects can either be made of metal smelted from virgin ore or of metal which has been recycled at a Calgary scrap metal recycling facility. Recycled steel and aluminum have all of the same beneficial properties as their virgin ore counterparts, and they provide the more sustainable option. Metal products made from recycled steel and aluminum can be used for any civil engineering application. They are able to retain their qualities because the recycling process ensures that all impurities are removed.

By reducing the need for mining operations, Calgary metal recyclers are helping to lower greenhouse gas emissions. Both steel and aluminum take only a fraction as much energy to recycle as to refine from virgin ore. Metal recycling also helps to reduce the amount of usable metals taking up space in landfills.

Federal Metals Inc.: Calgary’s Metal Recyclers and Suppliers

At Federal Metals Inc. we pay fair scrap metal prices in Calgary for recyclable metals, which we then turn into metal products such as flat bar, channel, angle, HSS tubing, and piping. As Calgary’s metal suppliers, Federal Metals Inc. is proud to offer high-quality recycled metal products which civil engineers can use with confidence while designing and constructing buildings and other types of infrastructure. To find out more about our Calgary scrap metal recycling facility, just get in touch with Federal Metals Inc. today.

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