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The Importance of Recycling Metal

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An aluminum can laying on green grass showing the positive influence metal recycling has on the environment

You might question whether it’s worth recycling scrap metal? The short answer is: definitely! Not only does recycling carry personal benefits and benefits for your business. But there are factors far beyond the bottom line that are positively influenced by the recycling of metal.

The raw convenience of recycling today makes it all the more simple a task, with bin services and other collection methods readily available. Let’s explore the impact that metal recycling has on your business, your community, and the environment.

Recycling Metal Equals More Energy

Nice…but recycling metal is energy for what? It’s energy for the planet, the economy, and what you’re looking for: energy for more profit.

You will discover that you can save and make money on production once you recycle scrap metal rather than reproducing it. It’s even possible to recover valuable metals like gold, palladium, silver, and platinum from computers and other electronics. So there’s no reason why you shouldn’t start recycling any metal you are no longer using.

But there are a few more things you should be aware of.

Recycling Metal Provides Energy for the Planet

Recycling metal is considered an environmentally friendly practice since it eliminates the demand for virgin metal and conserves valuable natural resources. And this gives you the power to offset your company’s carbon emissions, which is one of the Paris Agreement’s pillars.

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that secondary steel production (recycling) uses about 74% less energy than the production of steel from iron ore. Imagine the energy required to extract, refine, transport and process raw materials ready for industry. Recycling reduces the need for energy for these processes. And all of this contributes to air and water pollution.

Furthermore, metals can be recycled quickly without losing their original quality and this process may be done as many times as necessary, directly helping the environment. Above all, recycling assists in reducing water and air pollution by 76% and 86% respectively, and inspires others to take advantage of metal’s many applications.

Recycling Metal Provides Energy to Your Business

Profit motivation is one of the strongest influences for change. Even without considering the environment, there are reasons to recycle metal. Most businesses recycle because it’s actually cheaper to do so, allowing them to drive down production costs. It’s much more affordable to utilize the waste that you already have by creating an effective waste stream than it is to produce from natural resources. And the basic fact

Organizations that care about the environment and do meaningful things to help are experiencing better marketing results. People today understand the importance of environmental protection and the demand for responsible ecological business is increasing.

From a corporate perspective, social responsibility is becoming an increasingly important competitive edge. There are tax incentives in Canada rooted in responsible recycling practices. So if you care about your business’ prosperity, it’s time to care about recycling metal.

An illustration of a circular economy highlighting the importance of metal recycling

Contributing to a Circular Economy

The traditional way of operating the economy is according to a linear model. This involves mining resources and building things to consume that will eventually no longer be useful. This process is done again and again, and eventually, there will be an end.

But what if we stop consuming in this pattern and start to put our materials back into the energy loop? That would be a move to a circular economy, an economy that stops consuming resources until they’re completely gone. Instead, we recycle metals and other things to be repurposed over and over again.

Be a Part of a Positive Movement

The economy often follows social perception. So if sustainability is a positive perception, the economy will reward those who are sustainable (if the worst of climate change doesn’t happen). As people grow more concerned about the environment, the government and the recycling industry are putting new pressures on businesses to meet higher standards. Embracing the culture of recycling is inevitable.

Needless to say, if you have scrap metal laying around on-site, you should take recycling action and feel great about your positive contribution. On top of this subject, the recycling industry contributes to the economy by creating jobs in waste facilities and collection services.

Metal Recycling is Important for Everyone

Environmental challenges and their potential solutions are often presented in a complex way. But the advantages of recycling metal are very clear: recycling metal is profitable.By recycling more, we stand to gain economic and environmental benefits that are very easy to quantify. Scrap metal recycling facilities make it easy and simple to make a positive impact. And much of the time, you will be paid for the metal being recycled! So stop letting metal pile up on your job site or in your garage and call your local metal recycler now.

Written by Federal Metals

Calgary is in our blood. We love living and working in this city, and we want to do our part in bettering the lives of all Calgarians. By choosing Federal Metals, you’re choosing an incredible team committed to improving the environment and finding ethical ways to recycle your metal.
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