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The Importance of Recycling Metal

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Today, the majority of the world’s metal production comes from mines which extract virgin ore out of the ground. However, this does not have to be the case. About one-third of the world’s aluminum production and almost half of the world’s steel and copper production comes from scrap that has been recycled at scrap metal recycling facilities such as Calgary’s Federal Metals Inc., and it would be highly beneficial for those numbers to continue growing. There are three main reasons why recycling metal is so important.

Preserving Our Natural Resources

Metals can be melted down, reformed, and reused without losing any of their beneficial qualities. What this means is that rather than mining for new ore, we can meet much of the demand for new metals by simply recycling the metals which are already in circulation.

Recycling one ton of aluminum helps to preserve roughly five tons of bauxite, while recycling one ton of steel helps to preserve more than two tons of iron ore. Metals are not a renewable resource, and copper and metal recycling in Calgary helps to keep more virgin ore in the ground.

Protecting the Environment

By providing an alternative to virgin ore, recycling metal helps to reduce the devastating environmental of mining. Mining operations not only destroy delicate natural habitats, but they also pollute the surrounding air, water, and soil. Toxic runoff can occur while a mine is in operation and long after it has been shut down as well, impacting lakes, streams, and marine environments for subsequent decades.

When compared to mining for new metals, recycling old scrap and turning it into usable metal also uses far less energy. For example, it takes 60% less energy to recycle scrap steel than to mine for new iron, 90% less energy to recycle copper, and an astounding 95% less energy to recycle old aluminum. The reduced energy requirements of recycling metal means that less greenhouse gasses are created in the process.

Boosting the Canadian Economy

The scrap metal industry is a source of thousands of jobs in Canada. It directly employs around 40,000 people and indirectly provides employment to another 120,000 people through both high- and low-skilled positions. It brings in far larger numbers of employment and revenue than the waste industry.

Metal recyclers and suppliers in Calgary also benefit other industries by bringing down the cost of metal, as it costs far more to mine for metal than to simply recycle it. By saving money on the price of materials, manufacturers are in turn able to be more competitive and innovative.

Federal Metals Inc.: Your Scrap Metal Recycling Facility in Calgary

The Calgary scrap metal suppliers and recyclers at Federal Metals Inc. are proud to work in an industry which is good for the environment and for the economy. Family owned and operated, Federal Metals Inc. has been providing metal and copper recycling in Calgary since 1950.

For more information on recycling metal and on scrap metal prices in Calgary, just get in touch with Federal Metals Inc. today.

Written by Federal Metals

Calgary is in our blood. We love living and working in this city, and we want to do our part in bettering the lives of all Calgarians. By choosing Federal Metals, you’re choosing an incredible team committed to improving the environment and finding ethical ways to recycle your metal.
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