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The Benefits of Recycling Vs. Extracting Raw Metal

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Scrap metal recycling facilities in Calgary such as Federal Metals Inc. help to meet the world’s demand for metal by taking old scrap and turning it into new, usable metal products. On top of making economic sense, metal recycling is also beneficial for the environment. This is mostly because it reduces the amount of metal which needs to be extracted as raw material and subsequently refined. The main benefits of recycling scrap metal rather than mining for new ore include:

– Resource preservation 

Metals are a non-renewable resource. Once all of the deposits are depleted through mining operations, there simply won’t be any metals left to dig up. Recycling scrap metal in Calgary helps to reduce the rate at which we need to mine metal in order to meet demand. A great example of just how much metal recycling helps to preserve resources is that recycling just one ton of steel can help preserve up to 2,500 pounds of iron ore.

– Environmental preservation

Calgary scrap metal recyclers and suppliers might not be in the business of planting trees but, by reducing the need for mining operations, they do a lot to help preserve the environment. Mines are incredibly destructive, cutting right into the ground and damaging natural habitats in the process. Mines also produce toxic chemical runoff that can continue harming the surrounding environment long after the mine is shut down. While important steps are being taken to make mining operations safer, they will always have an effect on the environment.

– Lower energy consumption

Recycling scrap metal does require energy, but it usually takes only a fraction of the energy to recycle a metal as it does to mine for it and to smelt the raw ore. For example, copper recycling in Calgary uses 90% less energy than is required to process copper ore. Lower energy requirements also make the process more economical.

– Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions

Lower energy consumption also means that scrap metal recycling produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions than mining operations. The fossil fuels needed to run mine machinery and the energy required to smelt virgin ore are contributing to air pollution and to global warming. Bringing down the levels of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere is the only way to truly mitigate the destructive effects of climate change, and the recycling industry has an important role to play in the effort.

Get Current Scrap Metal Prices in Calgary

When it comes to protecting the environment, everyone has to do their part. You can help reduce the need for mining and make some extra cash while you’re at it by recycling your scrap metal with Federal Metals Inc. Our Calgary metal recyclers and suppliers will gladly take your metal scrap off your hands. We accept many different types of both ferrous metal scrap and non-ferrous metal scrap for processing and recycling.

If you have any questions about copper or metal recycling in Calgary, then we’ll be happy to help you out. Just get in touch with Federal Metals Inc. today.

Written by Federal Metals

Calgary is in our blood. We love living and working in this city, and we want to do our part in bettering the lives of all Calgarians. By choosing Federal Metals, you’re choosing an incredible team committed to improving the environment and finding ethical ways to recycle your metal.
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