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See Inside A Calgary Scrap Metal Dealer – With Videos

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If you’re interested in selling scrap metal or copper for recycling in Calgary, or in buying recycled metal products for commercial or industrial use, then it can help to learn a bit about the scrap yard you’re considering working with. At Federal Metals Inc., we value customer service and transparency above all else, giving our clients confidence when it comes to doing business.

We are a family-owned and operated scrap metal recycling yard in Calgary located at 5135 94 Ave SE,. Our hours are 8 am to 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday. Want to take a sneak peek at our facility before you come by for a visit? 

Check out the videos below.

Watch Our Calgary Metal Recyclers in Action 

The first video provides a brief overview of the history and operations of our Calgary scrap metal recycling facility. You’ll find some information about our facility, our comprehensive services, and our clients.

If you’d like to see what an average day at our 11-acre scrap yard looks like, the second video provides a more in-depth look. Meet co-owners Dan and Leslie Klufas, see our people and our machines in action, and hear how our facility has remained in the family for generations. Learn about the products that we buy and sell and about the important role that Calgary scrap metal recyclers play in the local economy.

What We Buy for Scrap Metal Recycling in Calgary

Federal Metals Inc. specializes in buying non-ferrous metal for recycling. One of the main activities at our scrap yard in Calgary is copper recycling. We accept copper in the form of stripped wire, insulated wire, pipe, sheets, bar stock, and turnings. We likewise process aluminum extrusions, soffit, fascia, siding, castings, bar, sheet, insulated wire, and more. Feel free to bring in other non-ferrous scrap as well, including brass, nickel alloys, and all grades of stainless steel.

Our scrap yard also pays competitive prices for ferrous scrap such as iron, steel, and cast iron. After your project is complete, you can visit us to sell your excess structural steel beams and columns, plate metal, channel pieces, metal angle products, and hollow structural section steel.

Metal Products Sold at Federal Metals Inc.

At Federal Metals Inc., we not only accept scrap for recycling, our Calgary metal suppliers also sell steel products at great prices. We work primarily with industrial and commercial clients of all sizes, providing quality recycled steel products, including:

  • Angle 
  • Channel 
  • Flat Bar 
  • Pipe 
  • Plate 
  • Square/Round Solid Bar 
  • Square/Round HSS Tubing

Contact Us for Scrap Metal Prices in Calgary

Are you looking to sell your haul of scrap metal or to buy structural metal products for a new project? The metal recyclers and suppliers at Calgary’s Federal Metals Inc. would be more than happy to help. One of our dedicated team members can tell you all about our current prices and the many services offered at our scrap yard. To find out more, just contact Federal Metals Inc. today.

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