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Recycle Your Old Farm Scrap Metal for Cash

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Most farms are a treasure trove of scrap metal which is no longer serving a purpose but which can be brought to a Calgary scrap metal recycling facility such as Federal Metals Inc. for cash. Chances are you’ve kept a variety of old tools, machinery, and leftover scrap metal from repair projects. Collecting these items and taking them to our Calgary metal recyclers can land you a nice payday.

Once you’ve got your everyday farm tasks out of the way, why not take some time to look around your property and take stock of how much and what kind of scrap metal you’ve got lying around.

Metal Recycling Opportunities Around the Farm 

Your farm storage areas are likely full of materials and instruments that you can sell for scrap. If you’ve got an old boneyard or a storage shed where you store equipment at the end of its usable life, then that’s where you want to start looking. Anything with metal components can likely be sold for scrap, including:

– Appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers, washers, dryers, stoves, and air conditioners
– Junk cars, old trucks, and other end-of-life vehicles
– Lawnmowers
– Tractors
– Tractor parts
– Combines
– Plows
– Plate and tubular steel
– Cast iron railing
– Cast iron outdoor furniture

You’ll be able to fetch the highest scrap metal prices in Calgary for old and heavy farm machinery, especially machinery that is obsolete today. Unlike the behemoths of the past, modern technology has made farm machinery considerably leaner and lighter. If you’ve made the transition to these newer types of equipment, then you likely have some older machinery collecting dust and rust on your property. Put these impressive but unfortunately obsolete farm implements to good use again by selling them for scrap at a Calgary scrap metal recycling facility.

Here are a few examples of old pieces of farm machinery that are really worth their weight in scrap:

– Steam tractors
– Threshing machines
– Reapers
– Reaper-binders
– Traction engines
– Ploughing engines
– Portable engines
– Agricultural engines
– Winnowing machines
– Drag harrows
– Flails
– Hog oilers

Gathering old scrap materials and equipment is a great way to clear up some clutter around the farm and to enjoy a bonus payday while you’re at it. Consider setting aside an area to store scrap metal for easy recycling in the future.

Find Out Current Scrap Metal Prices in Calgary

A family-owned and operated scrap metal recycling facility, Federal Metals Inc. accepts many different kinds of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Our Calgary metal recyclers and suppliers will collect, process, and recycle your scrap into new metal products. In operation since 1950, we are an established and trusted facility for metal and copper recycling in Calgary. We cater to a variety of commercial and industrial clients, as well as to farmers like you.

If you’ve got a good haul of scrap metal from your farm and are curious about how much you could stand to make, get in touch with Federal Metals Inc. today.

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