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8 Reasons to Recycle Your Copper

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Copper is a metal that’s used for tons of different things, from piping to wires and electronics. It’s a valuable material that shouldn’t be thrown out. Be sure to save your unused or broken copper products for metal recycling. It’s good for the planet and for your wallet. 

Why Recycling Copper is Beneficial 

There’s really no downside to bringing your scrap to a local recycling centre. In fact, doing so comes with many benefits.

1. You’ll make money. When you take your copper to a scrap metal recycler, they’ll often pay you in cash

2. It’s environmental. Reusing copper requires significantly less energy than mining it from the earth. Saving energy means conserving oil, gas and coal, and reduces the amount of carbon dioxide released into the air. Compared to mining, recycling creates far less greenhouse gasses

3. You can do it in bulk. If you’re working on a large project that creates a lot of scrap copper and other metals drop it off at the scrap metal recycler, get paid and you’re done.

4. It reduces landfill use. Canada’s landfills are filling up fast. Copper recycling makes sure this incredibly useful material gets reused instead of piling up in a pit of toxic rubbish.

5. It protects natural resources. Like so many things that are mined from the earth, there are only limited amounts of copper ore available. Recycling copper helps preserve this natural resource instead of depleting it.

6. It’s good for the economy. The recycling industry creates around 85000 jobs in Canada, and contributes to our financial system in countless ways. Recycling your copper just adds to this thriving economy.

7. Your trash is someone’s treasure. Think about it: your old useless pipes can be melted down and made into wires, electronics and jewelry.

8. It’s sustainable. No matter how many times copper is recycled and repurposed, it can be melted down and made into something new indefinitely. It has a long life that produces no garbage, and is infinitely useful.

Copper Recycling in Calgary

If you have old copper you don’t need any more, don’t just throw it away. At Federal Metals Inc., we’ll buy your scrap copper for a competitive price. Contact us today to make cash from your copper and other scrap metals.

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